Clay County 4-H Clubs


A 4-H club is a group of young people and adults who meet on a regular basis for fun and learning.  Most clubs hold monthly meetings attended by members and sometimes their parents.  The members of the club elect officers who lead the group and the meetings.  An adult club leader advises the officers.  The meeting usually lasts less than 2 hours.  Club meetings consist of club business, recreation and educational programs.  A well-organized 4-H club meeting provides opportunities for every member to be involved.    

4-H clubs usually involve families from a community.  Clubs are often formed around school, churches, or community centers. To join a club, contact the Clay County 4-H office at (904)284-6355 or


The 4-H year begins September 1 and runs through August 31.  Many clubs function around the school term so the fall season might be a good time to join 4-H, but membership is open year round so you may join at any time.

We encourage you to visit a monthly meeting.  You are welcome to visit a couple different clubs to ensure you find a good fit.  Learn as much as you can about the club and  4-H.  Then, let the club leader know you want to become a 4-H member.  The new 4-H member will fill out the online enrollment and select projects.  The leaders & 4-H staff can help with this process.  Parents may also be asked to help out by leading a project group or assisting in some other way.

Please note:  Other clubs may be formed at a later date. 



4-H Youth Development Program